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Corgis Puppies

New Litter!

Born 8/22/2023.
1 Red Male,
2 Red Females,
and 3 Tri-colored females available for purchase.
See photos at the bottom of the page.

cute corgi puppies

adult breeding pair of welsh corgis




Our breeding pair: Jethro and Tessa


About Me


We raise our Welsh Corgis on a 15 acre ranch in Central Coastal California. In the last 47 years we have raised Australian Shepherd dogs, dairy goats, pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, forage hay, pumpkins and a upik blackberry farm. ( And 4 children). During this time, for 10 years, Colleen taught Animal Science at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA., with her degrees of Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science and Teaching Credential.  Colleen with goat


Presently, we are raising the Welsh Corgis, prize winning dairy goats, forage hay and chickens.  We have been raising the Corgis for 9 years, now.  They think we have the ranch for their benefit and pleasure!!  They are very involved in feeding the dairy goats and chickens every day, along with supervising the production of the hay throughout the year.








About the CorgisOur Welsh Corgis are AKC Registered

Jethro of Shenanigans is a 6 year old red male.  His great great grandsire came from the UK.  He is very sweet and lovable, and  very helpful working with the goats.  He is also clear for DM and EIC.  Tessa is a 5 year old tri-color female; and Nellie is our youngster at 1 1/2 years old, and a red female.

tri colored corgis puppy


Our puppies have had their dew claws removed, tails docked, and have been examined by a licensed veterinarian. They receive their first puppy vaccinations and are dewormed at 7 weeks of age, and ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age. If the purchased puppy is found to have a congenital problem, diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian, we will replace the puppy with a healthy puppy from a future litter.



 red colored corgi puppy


 Our puppies are very sweet and lovable; becoming loving, lifelong companions to their owners.  Their typical colors are red and tricolor. 
Our usual asking price for a puppy is $2000.  To purchase a puppy, you may contact us by texting or enrolling on the list.  We do not ship puppies.  The potential owner must meet us and the puppy must be picked up by the potential owner




beautiful almond blossoms in california




Video 1: Colleen's corgis helping seed the hay field

Video 2:  Friend's children playing with the puppies



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Email Colleen           phone:  1 805 610 6330

      adult corgi mother




colleen childers and her corgis dogs in california








             colleen childers hay field atascadero california


colleen childers red barn california



 Email:           or Call / Text

tricolored corgis dog tri color corgi female



Atascadero, California



phone: 1 805 610 6330

clickable 805 610 6330







corgi puppies tricolored



corgi puppies august 2023


cute puppy











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